Tuesday, September 19, 2017

Earlene Manz - My Prairie Heart

In 2015, Earlene Manz presented her show My Prairie Heart at Centennial Art Gallery. Here is a selection of those works, many still available for purchase: please contact the gallery for more information.
Coral Glow

Last One Standing

Morning Light

Sun Followers

Artist Biography: Earlene Manz

Earlene was fortunate to have grown up in Saskatoon when Ernest Lindner was teaching at the Technical Collegiate. There was a special art program after school for selected students from the city and Earlene attended for four years. It was during this time that she began to develop awareness of non-representative art. Other artists that had an impact on her at this time were Robert G. Murray, Henri Bonli and Otto Rogers. Earlene joined Calgary Community Painters Society in 1976. She had the opportunity to see her work mature under the many instructors who taught the weekly workshops for the club. (Stan Perrott, Frank Palmer, Jim Ulrich, Dave More, Bev Tosh, to name a few.) Earlene has been conscientious in continuing her education by attending classes taught by Calgary artists as well as courses given through the Red Deer College of Art Series. In 1983 she was chosen to be an active member of the Federation of Canadian Artists. Centennial Gallery accepted Earlene as a member in January of 1993. She served as President of the gallery from 1997-1999. Earlene was accepted into membership of Calgary Artists Society in 1996. Earlene began teaching Art classes at the Kerby Centre for Seniors in 1999. Earlene now holds a position on the Board of Directors of Centennial Art Gallery.
Earlene has participated in many juried shows with Calgary Community Painters, the Federation of Canadian Artists and Calgary Artists Society. Her works have also been part of travelling shows to Dartmouth, NS and Vancouver BC. The Red Deer and District Museum chose Earlene’s paintings as part of their “Into the Garden” exhibitions 1994 and 1999.
Centennial Gallery with K. Morris & L. Pedersen 2016 Whimsical Journeys
Centennial Gallery with potter Susan Thorpe 2015 My Prairie Heart
Centennial Gallery with Margaret Bergman 2015 As The Spirit Moves Me
Centennial Gallery with Liz Roberts & Thelma Likuski 2009 Trifocal
Centennial Gallery with Margaret Bergman 2009 Coloratura
Centennial Gallery with Margaret Bergman 2005 Not Only Paint
Centennial Gallery with Katy Morris 2004 Yours Mine and Ours
Centennial Gallery with select Gallery Artists 2004 All That Jazz
Centennial Gallery with Margaret Bergman 2002 Paper Chase
Centennial Gallery with select Gallery Artists, two shows, 2000
Centennial Gallery with Margaret Bergman 1999 Catch 21-22
Centennial Gallery with Lisa Adams 1998 Terra Sancta
Centennial Gallery with Bill Jackson and Edna Charchuk 1997
Centennial Gallery 2015 My Prairie Heart
Centennial Gallery 2011 Collage Degree (stick with me kid)
Centennial Gallery 2006 Azure
Centennial Gallery 2001 The Sky’s the Limit!
Centennial Gallery 1996 Shoot the Moon
Centennial Gallery 1992 Colours of the Ecliptic
First Place FCA Show Muttart Gallery 1990
Third Place FCA Show Fish Creek Library 1990
Third Place FCA Show Gulf Gallery 1991

Alberta Foundation for the Arts acquisition “Sunrunner” six panel pastel 1997

Monday, September 11, 2017

Painting Classes

Our member Katy Morris is busy...here are her classes at the Kerby Centre
Acrylic: A World of Colour. This course will explore both colour mixing and colour theory, with an emphasis on greens, greys, oranges, reds and purples. Keeping this palate in mind, you are encouraged to bring an image that interests you! Additional Images will be provided. B21 Wednesdays, Sept. 13 - Oct 26. 10:00 - 3:00 Room 313 Member: $109 non-member $129...No class Sept 27.
Watercolour: A Potpourri. Using both still life flowers and potted flower arrangements, you will learn to extract the important elements of the scene and focus on simplicity. Please bring images of flowers. B22 Fridays Sept 15 - Oct 27. 10:00 - 3:00 Room 313 Member: $109 non-member $129...No class Sept 29.
Acrylic: Winter Wonderland. The hardest thing to learn and execute in acrylics is the world of white. By turning summer scenes into winter ones, you will learn to transform previously dead whites into glowing whites. B23 Wednesdays, Nov. 8 - Dec 13. 10:00 - 3:00 Room 313 Member: $109 non-member $129.
Watercolour: All Seasons of Trees. As the seasons, change so do the colours! With this in mind, we will be learning colour theory, colour mixing, composition and aerial perspective of colour. As well, new brush techniques will be explored. B24 Fridays Nov 10 - Dec. 15. 10:00 - 3:00 Room 313 Member: $109 non-member $129
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